Church Street Bridge

Project Location:  Oak Park, MI
Project Features:  Concrete
Concrete Paving
Completion Date: 
Showcasing Fessler & Bowman's versatility for both MDOT road and bridge work, is a 2016 project that took place on the Church Street bridge over I-696 Expressway in Oak Park. The 178' long bridge had problems leaking water since its construction in 1999. Everything above the bridge beams was removed before a waterproof membrane was installed and a 4' thick concrete cap being poured in two placements over the 126,000 square foot area. The company also installed a 5' one sided wall along the 710' bridge abutments. Furthermore, a network of hoses and burlap kept the concrete moist to avoid premature sun drying throughout the project which also kept heavy traffic congestion from becoming an issue.