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According to Wikipedia Indiana is sixteenth most populous state in the United States. Due to this growth and population Indiana has seen an increase in concrete construction for not only commercial buildings, but also in earthwork projects.  

At Fessler & Bowman we have earned an exceptional record while working on countless construction projects of all sizes. We have a highly qualified and regularly trained earthwork division ready to man any project in the field.  Fessler & Bowman is steadily positioned to offer a wide range of services in the earthwork and site utilities arena. 

Fessler & Bowman’s Earthwork Division proudly offers the following services:

Site grading and development including site balancing 

Site utilities – storm, water, and sanitary 

Asphalt and concrete pavement removal

Water main and sewer emergency repairs 

Foundation excavation and backfill Industrial demolition and excavation

At Fessler and Bowman we are driven to keep our company up to date and positioned as one of the leaders in the industry. That is why we are continously investing in education, safety, technology, and machinery. We have an arsenal of machinery plus highly skilled crews. In addition, our management team is committed to provide all the extraordinary attributes which are largely extinct in our industry: quality, commitment, and customer service. Fessler & Bowman is eager to partner with you on your next earthwork project.